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Welcome to the written world of an experienced blogger, Kyle Wolf.

First Look: Copenhagen

Here are some facts: I am a rising senior at Wake Forest University studying biology and neuroscience. I am from New York, New York but lack the stereotypical “I’m walkin’ here” accent. I am a lifelong hockey player and current jiu jitsu student. I love sushi, running, and listening to music. There you go. That’s me on paper. But, who am I on a deeper level? I am a young man with a burning passion for research who wishes to help people with mental illnesses. In all, I am yours truly, Kyle Wolf.

Recent Posts

  • Heating Up, Scientifically
    At first, I thought I only found a new hobby. Just that, a hobby: something I do for personal enjoyment. Something that makes me feel good, that’s all. I’m […]
  • Shavasana
    There are few things I like more than Shavasana in this world. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m not sure that there are any. You see, Shavasana […]
  • Aaaaala-boarg! (My Trip to Aalborg)
    As promised, this post will be a lot lighter. Of course, details on the progression of my courses are important, but I’ll save you the eye strain for now. […]
  • The Inevitable Class Rundown
    So, what’s going on in Copenhagen? A lot. I’ve been on a high speed train coursing through classes, exploring, and socializing having the time of my life. I absolutely […]
  • A Familiar Writer’s Upcoming Journey To Copenhagen
    Hi, I’m back and better than ever. For those of you who don’t recognize me, I’m Kyle Wolf, your former Summer ‘22 Writer in Stockholm, Sweden. Now, I’m ready […]

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